Muskan Sewa Nepal

Established in 2010, Muskaan Sewa Nepal is a non-profitable organization administered in Kathmandu,with operations in Nepal.7 years ago, Bhawanee Gurung, a retiree and a mother of 3 started volunteering for a small drug rehabilitation center. Her experience and exposure in the rehab pulled her into dedicating more time in service of others . In parallel to the desire to serve , she also realized that lot of the existing non profits were highly driven by personal financial goals . She then decided to start a non profit that would function strictly as a ‘not for profit’ institute . She started her quest to serve by opening her own house to two beautiful children whose parents whereabouts were unknown . A ten (10) year old boy who was working in a small restaurant and his seven (7) year old sister who was heard buffaloes and goats. Soon the family grew and by 2014 Bhawanee welcomed thirteen (13) more children.

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