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Spark MIS

POS (Point Of Sales or checkout) is a contact point between your business and customers. It is the place where every business transaction is completed. At POS financial transaction occurs in exchange of your goods and services. In traditional business merchant or retailer normally issues a receipt for transaction made by customer for the good/services they have purchased. But s-POS software provides a simple and convenient way to record POS transaction at all Business Outlets.


User friendly GUI

Entry of sales information

Big Data Analytics

Cloud Integration

Sales Tracking System

Spark ECS

Spark Educational Consultancy (ECS) is an web based application designed to provide a conductive and systematic information exchange environment to applicants, students, teachers and administration of education consultancy. This application enables consultancy to to keep track record of student activities like classes info,tutorial details,course details,visa lodgment status,followup details,and basic info of students enrolled along with all organizational financial and operational activities.


Track Applicant Follow up

Manage inquiries, clients info

Dynamic MIS and Report Generation

Cloud Integration