Native Mobile apps

Hybrid App: This type of application has cross-platform compatibility but can still access a phone’s hardware. It is developed using platforms such as Sencha, PhoneGap and Mosync.

Dedicated Web App: A website that is tailored to function on a mobile device. These are tailored to a specific platform and will not work on other smartphones or feature phones.

Generic Mobile App: A mobile website that will work with all mobile phones.

Spark Tech develop mobile application for various platform using the latest and best technology. We are committed to provide one stop solution for all kinds of mobile application required for your business. Spark Tech creates mobile application to serve the unique needs and varying audiences for your business.


No doubt that android is the number 1 mobile operating platform in the world. Android Application Development is something that no company can overlook. We enhance the design of the application according to our client's specification to ensure that the user experience in the application is customized and has a nominal learning curve. We are enthusiastic about our work and work tirelessly to offer you the best Android Applications. Spark Team, provide you with a bundle of collection of innovative Android Apps that ranges from simple to complicated applications. We are focused to develop robust, scalable and standard product that creates benchmark in android app industry. If u are thinking of developing your business application that enhance productivity, increase profitability or capture diverse customer we are always ready to take you to the peak. Just make us a call or Contact us via any medium.


IOS -World’s most sophisticated mobile platform, has redefined and revolutionize the mobile era. If you want to move with the changing trends and you are searching iOS app developer or a specialist company in iPad and iPhone app development - then there's unnecessary to run over and over again. You've developed probably the most skilled and experienced iOS apps development organization throughout the year. Spark Tech, brings you a team of tremendously knowledgeable professionals that have dealt with the leading technology, advertising and design companies. We offer cutting-edge iOS development solutions which consist of graphic richness and substantial functionality data centric apps, growth and development of iOS for all supported platforms. We offer economical and fascinating iOS Apps that will assist you capture scattered market. No matter if you are looking at apps which are built for users who will be communicating with the iPad application in your business place or the app that will help your customers to discover more products and services, we can develop it for you. So trust us and let us help to crate your IOS market.


Windows 8 mobile application development features various extensive perks which play vital roles in the enlargement of the business cycle. Windows 8 app development requirement is changing rapidly and most Windows phone app development companies are attempting to cope with changing environment to get advantage. Spark Tech use hassle-free and imperative approach and remarkable Windows 8 mobile developers, to create thrilling windows apps that run at the highest speed and guarantees a rich user experience. We use our comprehensive and technical expertise to create window applications that are easy to migrate to any other platforms effectively.

Areas of Services and Solutions

  • Full Cycle Mobile Application Engineering
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Native Applications
  • Browser based Applications
  • Web-services (SOAP, REST)
  • Mobile Testing and

Our uniqueness:

We build applications to compete with all range of mobile devices ranges from resolution to touch

We define custom specific application from one phone to the other and one platform to the other.

Development Services

  • Mobile Business Applications
  • Native Applications
  • Mobile Web
  • Backend Integration
  • News and Content Delivery
  • Mobile Commerce


  • Manual and automated testing
  • Integration testing
  • GUI and usability testing
  • Reach ability & accessibility testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Cross-platform testing
  • Performance & scalability testing