Mero Barsa

Let this year be a life-long commitment to be healthy, and contribute in building a healthy and prosperous Nepal. Read More

Sajha Party

विगत सात दशक नेपाली जनताले राजनीतिक परिवर्तनका आन्दोलनमा बिताउनुपर्यो। बिपी कोइराला, मदन भण्डारी लगायतका दूरद्रष्टा नेताको मार्गदर्शन र नेपाली जनताको त्याग/बलिदानले लोकतन्त्र नेपाली समाजको आधारभूत मान्यताका रुपमा स्थापित भएको छ। संविधानसभामार्फत मुलुकले नयाँ संविधान पाएको छ। वास्तवमा कुनै पनि देशमा राजनीतिको मूल चुनौती भनेको समाजका विभिन्न वर्ग र समुदायका विविध… Read More

My School Bus

My School Bus is an application that uses the connectivity & the GPS based location to track the school buses, to significantly improve safety & efficiency of the child journey. Read More


In 2001 we founded the PR Care. We worked as both nurses and experienced to care during periods had a need to expand and supplement its workforce. Many years of hard work and constant focus on quality has developed the company into an expansive and successful company. Three years… Read More

Jeewan Vigyan

Life (Jeevan) is infinite knowledge, love, prosperity, beauty, health, peace and mystery that exists as a seed within us. Science (Vigyan) is the body of knowledge that is free from beliefs, assumptions, and preconceptions. Jeevan Vigyan is the eternal and sweet flow of truthful, simple and liberating knowledge. Read More

Mero TV

Mero TV provides high quality HD TV streaming and ultra- fast high speed internet services. A state of the art Set Top Box is provided FREE of cost to enable crystal clear viewing experience without any hassle. Mero TV is going to provide its services commencing 1st January 2017. Read More