Q's Cinemas

A new name has been added into the list of best multiplex in Kathmandu as a Q’s cinemas to cater the movie lovers looking for quiet and comfortable place with world class cinematic experience . Q's cinemas is centrally located at the heart of Kathmandu Darbarmarg.The multiplex is on the 5 th floor of Rising mall and is equipped with world class sound system pictures quality and service. It has been designed and built for providing the best cinema viewing experience .Q’s cinemas has two luxurious hall s with very comfortable seats . Both halls are equipped for screening 3D movies. Q's Audi with normal comfortable seats with capacity of 168 seats and the next one Q’s Premium fully equipped with 77 sofa seats with cushion. The customer will feel like private screening as there will not be a hustle with crowd and with cozy environment.

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Website : http://qscinemas.com/